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Rough Road Ahead

As I was driving along the highway last week, I noticed a signed that read “rough road ahead” and sure enough the road became very uneven and rough. It seems the city had taken the top layer of asphalt off the highway leaving uneven dirt and gravel. I had to slow my car down in order to navigate the rough road.


I kept looking at my watch wondering if I was going to make my appointment. It was too late for me to consider taking another route and I certainly could not stop or reverse, so I just continued moving forward, slowing and steadily.

After a mile or so I entered a section that had been recently repaved. The road became extra smooth and the newly painted white lines popped out against the new dark asphalt. It became a very nice ride. And there was another sign. This one said “Expressway.” I was able to jump on this smooth road and make it to my destination in plenty of time.

This got me thinking about life and how we sometimes hit rough roads. The truth about life is that we will eventually encounter rough roads only there probably won’t be a sign warning us.   And when we hit that rough road unexpectedly, we may start to consider alternate routes, we may want to stop or turn around, but if we keep moving forward, keep driving ahead we may eventually come to an Expressway; a smooth, newly paved road that gets us to our destination in plenty of time.

So next time you encounter rough roads ahead. Don’t give up, don’t turn around, keep moving forward, keep driving toward your dreams. Your expressway could be right around the corner.

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