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October 31, 2013

#1 Change Your Seat

The other day, I got a call from my good friend Elliott. He was taking a 4-hour bus ride from Washington DC to New York. Once he got on the bus, Elliott settled in his chair, took out his snacks, his IPod, and his book. …

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#18 Fill Your Own Cup

“Hey Babe, have you taken your vitamins?” my boyfriend asked me in his effort to be helpful.  I realized I had not taken my vitamins since . . . well since 4 days ago. I had not even thought about them. The interesting thing is that my …

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Rough Road Ahead

As I was driving along the highway last week, I noticed a signed that read "rough road ahead" and sure enough the road became very uneven and rough. It seems the city had taken the top layer of asphalt off the highway leaving uneven dirt and gravel. I had to slow my car down in order to navigate the rough road.
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Change Lanes Already!

I am driving down the highway in the  fast lane with about 2 hours ahead of me after spending a day in Philadelphia with my son.  As I am driving, the guy in the car in front of me puts on his blinker indicating he …

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What is your banana?

I heard a story about spider monkeys in Southeast Asia  who get sold to zoos and pet stores.  In order to capture the monkeys without injury, the traders build these little bamboo crates and bait them with, you guessed it, bananas. The crates have slats …

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When You Commit

German philosopher, Johan Goethe says that the moment you commit, providence moves too.  He says, when you make a commitment a whole stream of events issue from that decision, “raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no …

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Through the No’s

You’ve heard the saying when you’ve paid too much for something, that you’ve “paid through the nose.” It’s generally considered a bad thing.  I want to talk to you about paying through the “no’s.” It seems to me, if you want to accomplish anything worthwhile …

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Wait Like a Farmer

When you plant seeds for your future goals, how do you wait? Do you worry, do you keep watching or do you prepare for the fulfillment of your desires. Do you wait like a farmer? See, after a farmer plants his seeds, he does not …

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