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Star Points Volume 1: Illuminate Your Life

Illuminate your life with Star Bobatoon!

Are self-limiting beliefs keeping you from your true desires? Would you like to have more love, light and positive energy in your life? Would you like to use the power of music to achieve your goals and dreams?

Hold On to Your Fork

Watch and listen to a sample clip from Star Points Volume 1: Illuminate Your Life

STAR Points Vol. 1: Illuminate Your Life

Illuminate Your Life is a compilation of motivational messages and upbeat, addictive music designed to inform, enlighten, and inspire you.

STARPoints Will:

√ Elevate your spirit so you can achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.
Create positive energy that is necessary to achieve and sustain success.
Increase your self-esteem, self-approval and self-satisfaction so you can unlock your true potential.
Promote greater personal happiness by eliminating unconscious negative thoughts, beliefs and ideas.
Fortify your mind and spirit against negative influences and increase your personal power.

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Star incorporates humor, personal stories and group participation which all lead up to an enjoyable, easy learning experience.

Julie Christine, Personnel Administrator

Why You Need STARPoints Vol. 1: Illuminate Your Life

As we go through life we are constantly bombarded with the negative:  negative people, negative words, negative energy.

We are constantly told what we can’t do, what we don’t have, and how we just don’t measure up. Our positive characteristics are diminished or ignored while the world focuses on our shortcomings.

This constant barrage of negatives impacts us deeply and can throw us off course.

We may try to be positive and move forward toward our goals but sometimes it becomes difficult.  Sometimes we get distracted, or inadvertently pulled into negative energy.

How can you fight against that?

The best way to fight against negative energy is to insulate yourself; protect your mind and your spirit by putting yourself in a upbeat, positive environment.  Use STARPoints to amour yourself against pessimism, criticism and gloom.

Use this program to be able to go out into the world filled with the positive energy
that will allow you to achieve EXACTLY what you desire.

Illuminate Your Life! With STARPoints Vol.1

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Are Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding Your Back?

Maybe the negative energy isn’t coming from outside, maybe it’s coming from you.

If you are asking yourself:

“Do I have self-limiting thoughts?”
“Am I really holding myself back from getting what I want out of life?”

I guarantee you, the answer is YES!

Wayne Dyer writes that we have over 60,000 thoughts running through our minds every single day and the majority of those thoughts are negative. Most of us have no idea how many non-supportive thoughts we have running through our minds everyday.

If you feel that something is holding you back, that you are not making the progress you know you are capable of; if you are struggling to play a bigger game in your business and your life, you need to apply some influence over those 60,000 thoughts.

You need a system — a daily ritual that will ensure you are taking control of your focus, keeping your thoughts and energy aligned with your true desire and creating momentum that produces results.

STARPoints can be part of that system.

STARPoints can help you create an internal environment that brings out the best in you, so that your life becomes remarkable.

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Do You Like Good Music?

STARPoints are not just motivational messages, but motivational messages set to music.

You know how your favorite song gets stuck in your head sometimes and keeps you in a good mood all day?  Listening to STARPoints Vol. 1: Illuminate Your Life will act in a similar fashion, by allowing you to get positive messages and upbeat music stuck in your head all day long.

STARPoints will remind you to be encouraged and keep your head up (Track #2), have faith in yourself (Track #4) and be proactive in creating the life you desire (Track # 1).

You will be humming and singing along, while elevating your mind and your spirit.

Something that is especially cool about STARPoints …. the music was actually created just for these messages.

They aren’t just random songs, the music and the messages are unified, cohesive and relevant.

They combine to create an amazing mental and emotional experience
that will become a part of who you are.

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Make STARPoints a habit.

After listening to STARPoints just one time, you will notice a shift in your mindset and a change in your spirit.  But, the beauty of STARPoints is in listening to it over and over again so that these messages take root in your mind and spirit and become apart of who you are.

I’ve heard it said it takes 16 positive messages to override one negative message.

If this is true, it would seem that the negative messages are winning.  We hear negative messages from the news, our co-workers, our families and even strangers.  We are under a constant barrage of negative people, energy and words.

The only way to combat that barrage is to instill positive energy into your mind.

Download STARPoints to your iPhone, your Android, your tablet and even your iPod.  Listen to them on the way to work, on your way home, while running errands and make sure to let your kids as well.

The guy who cuts you off in traffic will have no impact on your mood because you will be listening to STARPoints.

Get your copy of STARPoints Vol.1:  Illuminate Your Life Now!

Who Am I?

Accomplished Attorney, Dynamic Trainer, Award-Winning Speaker

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Star Bobatoon

I am an accomplished attorney, dynamic trainer and award-winning speaker specializing in sales, communication and empowerment.

My theatrical background, includes 10 years on the stage, television and in the movies.  I have also been trained by motivational speaker Les Brown which means I know how to bring excitement, drama and humor into the spoken word.

My background as an attorney gives me the ability to create messages that makes sense.

This unique combination of skill-sets, allows me to create and deliver messages that stick and make a positive impact on lives.

Impact of STARPoints

People who have listened to my STARPoints have told me their spirits are lifted and they have a better day.  They could feel the transformation after listening for just a short while.

The messages were exactly what they needed to hear.  They are inspired to take the action they’ve been needing to take, to start believing in themselves more, to take on new challenges and to face their fears.

You have nothing to lose but self-doubt, insecurity and negative vibes.

Star has the gift of teaching business and legal concepts in a practical way that is easy to understand and remember.

Mike Doherty, Fairfax Funeral Home

Star is engaging, energetic and well informed. She clearly knows the subject matter and delivers it in a way the makes it fun and memorable.

Sharon Robitaile, HR Manager


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Get your copy of STARPoints Vol.1:  Illuminate Your Life Now!

Elevate your spirit!

Protect yourself from negativity!

Remove your limitations!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! You have nothing to lose but the chains that are holding you back in life!

Blast through your self-limiting thoughts and behaviors to achieve the life you want and deserve.

Bring more love, light and positive energy into your life.

Infiltrate your mind and spirit with positive messages.

Use the power of music to achieve your goals and dreams.

Empower Your Mind And Elevate Your Spirit With
STARPoints Vol. 1: Illuminate Your Life

Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.